Soy-based Vocabulary

soy milk: |’soi| noun; a drink made from tofu (well not really, but close enough).

sewing maching: |’soi mə-ˈshēn| noun; a machine made from tofu.

Turtle spotting with Apa

At hong kong market

Just chillin

Oma has come to spend some time with us while Momma and Poppa are a tad preoccupied with other things. Murrow seems to enjoy having someone new to share episode time with.

Skeeball wizard

For his third birthday kiddo wanted to go to the arcade, showing off his mad skeeball skills.

High Score: 20

High Score: 20

Biggest smile in the group

Almost Like the Real Thing


Backyard Fun

Happy birthday to momma

Little Man Eating Raspberries by the Window

Four Eyes

Momma got new glasses this week, so Murrow gets the hand me downs.