1 Week Old

It’s hard to believe the Murrow is 1 week old today.  It feels like we’ve only had him for the briefest of moments.  Although we can look back at the 48 bottles, 53 diapers, 8 leaks, 8 open air pee arcs, and countless hours of lost sleep to remind us of the time.

It’s never to early for presents and he received a nice gift from MD and wife (touch foot for a maniacal giggle … just like Kim).  His grammamma will also be flying in later tonight to help out (much needed and appreciated).


  1. alison wrote:

    i’m so glad you’re blogging a lot of your new experiences. sometime you’ll have to print these entries out and save them b/c 6 months from now you guys will probably not be able to remember all of this sweet everyday stuff that’s going on.

    pass on my congrats to Valerie. and i’m glad murrow wasn’t born on 6/6!!

  2. garylove wrote:

    Yup, blogging is scrapbooking for geeks.

  3. T-Square wrote:

    I did the same thing for Sydney, including blogging through the pregnancy and up until she was about 2…then life took over and the updates became far less frequent.

    Good to look back and read that stuff…