May, 2006

Not All Bad

Murrow just had his first bath yesterday (it kept on getting pushed back as Kim got sicker) and he’s really begun to use more of his muscles.  He can now bob his head back and forth when he’s getting burped, in order to look at whatever he wants and get more comfortable.  Here’s some pictures of the streetfighter himself:

Back to the Beginning

Kim is back at home again.  We’ve basically restarted the healing process, hopefully this time we’ll keep on the right path. 


Kim is back in the hospital.  Her incision got infected and created a massive puss pocket that looks like something out of a horror flick.  Thankfully Mom is here to help out (I’m not sure what we would have done without her).  But things will definitely blow for the next couple of weeks while she re-heals.

If anyone is looking to have a kid sometime soon, I wouldn’t recommend hitting Kim up for happy/easy pregnancy stories.  But Murrow is worth it.

1 Week Old

It’s hard to believe the Murrow is 1 week old today.  It feels like we’ve only had him for the briefest of moments.  Although we can look back at the 48 bottles, 53 diapers, 8 leaks, 8 open air pee arcs, and countless hours of lost sleep to remind us of the time.

It’s never to early for presents and he received a nice gift from MD and wife (touch foot for a maniacal giggle … just like Kim).  His grammamma will also be flying in later tonight to help out (much needed and appreciated).

It’s Raining Men

Congratulations to Valerie and David!  Evan James was born at 8:08 pm on Friday night, at a healthy 6 pounds 4 ounces, and 19 and a half inches long.  Kim and Valerie were pacing neck and neck through the entire pregnancy, with Valerie scheduled to give birth a week ahead of her.  Kim jumped ahead at the end, winning the race, but neither of us got the prized goal of a kid born on 6/6/6. 

Murrow Power

This is my favorite photo of Murrow so far.  It’s just so typical of him.  He must have had his hands near his face in the womb, because no matter how tightly we burrito him up, he always wiggles his little arm(s) out. 

Hey moms and dads out there, did your kids do this? Or is it just Murrow being Murrow?

Glossary: Yellow Baby

Yal might notice that Kim and I make frequent use of the term “yellow baby”.  Basically, it’s a derogatory term for a mixed asian/white baby that we learned when watching Dragon – The Bruce Lee story.

“You can do better than that.  …  Do you really want to have yellow babies?  Can you imagine that?  Yellow babies?

Yes. Yes, we do want yellow babies

First Doctor’s Visit

Today Murrow and Kim both had their first doctor’s visits since leaving the hospital.

Murrow passed all of his tests with flying colors.  He’s grown a half inch and gained 5 ounces in weight.  They thought he might be a little bit jaundiced, but it turned out he’s just our little yellow baby.  He also received the unkind cut, but he doesn’t like to think about that.

Kim also passed her tests.  She also found out that her doctor had written a perscription for painkillers to take home, but the nurses never mentioned it.  She’s been making due with 3 ibuprofens when she should have been taking 2 Percocet.

More Photos!

Sadly, the flow of photos has slowed down since coming home.  I’m still trying to get that prized shot of him peeing in an arc during changing (straight into Kim’s hands today), but until then, enjoy these slightly more tasteful shots.

So Tired

I was actually finding the sleep deprivation pretty manageable for the past few days.  Just sleeping like normal, waking up for an hour 3 times a night, then sleeping 3 hours past the normal time I’d wake up.  However, it becomes alot more difficult when things aren’t going in their normal rhythm.

For some reason, while I was gone getting supplies for the week, Murrow would not go to sleep.  Whether he was gassy, hungry, over-stimulated, I don’t know.  However it took us over 4 hours to get him to sleep.  I’m so worn out it’s not even funny…poor Kim, trying to manage this while recovering from the c-section.  Yuck.