May, 2006

Finally Back Home

Swedish is a great hospital, but we’re so extremely happy to be back home. Most other parents we’ve talked to were surprised at how quickly they were escorted in and out, but we felt like our stay was about 48 hours too long.  Especially since the Internet was down for the past few days…no Internet makes Gary very, very cranky.  I can handle the sleep deprivation, but I need wifi.

We’ve go a bunch more photos to post, but first we rest.


I didn’t mention it, but those who were looking at some of the earlier photos probably guessed that we didn’t have the easiest of births.  Pregnancy-Induced-Hypertension, bed rest, induction at 37 weeks, infection, fever, swelling without progress, all resulting in an emergency c-section.

What that means is Momma and Murry Mo have been seperated for the past 38 hours or so.  But today was the big reunion.  She’s been able to get around a bit more to see him…and just an hour ago, he became our new roommate.  We’re loving it…but this’ll be our first 3am feeding…wish us luck. 

Baby GloWorm

Right now Murrow just has 3 things to do and he’s doing them beautifully.  Sleeping (so damn cute), Eating (he’s a great little eater), and “Output” (as the doctor’s chart says).  Although in his swaddled blankets, he has begun to resemble a little GloWorm.

Strongest Genes Ever

Hair – Kim’s.  Eyes – Kim’s.  Nose – Kim’s.  Skin – Kim’s.

Hiccups – Gary’s.

At least I got one thing.

A Day of Firsts

First picture, first family photo, and first bath.  No wonder he’s so tired right now (sleeping like a baby).

Introducing Murrow Cooper Love

Murrow Cooper Love was born at 2:04 this morning (I think it’s May 20th now).  He’s 6 pounds 13.2 ounces, 20 inches long and happy and healthy.  Pictures and more details will follow, but I thought everyone would want to know that momma and baby are happy and healthy.

And it Begins

They started Kim on the Pitocin this morning to begin the induction.  Everything seems to be moving along nicely.  The contractions are still very early labor, so she’s just resting up for the big event.

By the way, I can’t believe they killed Marissa.

The OC Finale

It’s just like any other night for Kim and I.  Sitting on our asses watching the OC…just no tivo, so we have to sit through all the commercials.  There’s also the small details, including Kim is hooked up to 2 IV’s and constantly has people buzzing around her.

Basically, nothing interesting will happen tonight.  They’re getting her body ready to go through the whole labor thing, so they probably won’t start the induction until early tomorrow morning.

In case you’re wondering what we’re having for dinner, it’s linguine with marinara for me and clear liquids/IV drip for Kim. Yum.

Back In

In, out, in.  We’re going in for the big one.  I hope yal enjoyed your break from your hopes and prayers for us, because we need them again.  They’re planning to begin induction tonight and that means Murrow should be poking his head out sometime tomorrow.  We’re desperately hoping that he doesn’t see his shadow.

Coming Back Out

We’re back home from the hospital.  Another battery of tests, but nothing that worries them enough to put us into a room or to induce us right away.  So we’re back home and monitoring things again.  There’s still a chance we’ll be inducing this weekend, but there’s also a decent chance that they want to keep Murrow in there until he feels like doing it himself.

Sorry to worry anyone.  You can take us back out of your hopes and prayers.