June, 2006

Tummy Time

Murrow is officially the cutest during his “tummy time”.  Kim will lean him up against his boppy and we get to watch him try to lift and control his head.  He loves it … but not necessarily as much as he loves eating his forearm.  Supposedly he’s beginning to be able to follow objects with his eyes, but mostly he gets distracted looking at momma and poppa.

The Hiccup Song

Murrow seems to get the hiccups about twice a day and they can go on forever.  It’s been that way since he was in the womb, so he’s used to it.  However, since Kim and I will never get used to it, I made up this song that we sing to him to help him get rid of them (works suprisingly well, Kim also has a remix version that she sings with Mariah Carey).

This is the hiccup song
It goes on and on
Just like your hiccups … song.
(repeat over and over again)

Visualize the Sleep

As Kim is working hard on getting Murrow back to sleep (yes I’m slacking in the living room during this), this picture is a nice reminder of what can happen.  He’s so gorgeous when he’s sleeping or when he’s awake … it’s the middle stages that are killer. 

Glossary: Raptor Baby

While Kim was hooked up to a bunch of machines the day after the delivery, we watched Jurassic Park to fill the time.  Early on in the movie, they’re watching a dinosaur hatching out of an egg in the labratory and one of the main characters gasps “You’ve Bred Raptors!”  From then on, every time Murrow does his waking up cries, we call him our little raptor baby.

Hello Belly Button

Feel free to skip over this posting…it’s gross, but for us it was a big deal.  His cord finally fell off and revealed the cutest little button.  What do we do with the cord scab thing?  It is just a nasty little scab, but we can’t bring ourselves to get rid of it.  I’m just glad that we didn’t feel the need to keep his first diaper or first spit up.

Perfect Parents … Horrible Parents

These first few weeks are totally bipolar.  When Murrow is eating and sleeping well, we feel like the best parents on earth.  We’ll pass by a crying baby and scoff … our baby would never freak out like that.  Then all it takes is one fussy 3am feeding, and all of a sudden we’re the worst parents ever … how did we ever think we’d be able to do this?  Needless to say, the picture below are taken during the “perfect parents” moments.