July, 2006

Rhymes With “Thoroughfare”

So, here’s a song I sing to the Murster. No particular tune or tempo, just whatever he’s in the mood for. I know he likes it because he usually ends up hurling afterwards. What other proof do you need?

Hey Meester Murrow
You’re my little churro
You ride your little burro
Down the thoroughfare

I won’t bore you guys with the words to the Potato Song. You’ll be sorry if you ask. And, yes, this is mama’s first posting.

Damn the Men with Careful Smiles

Murrow has been giving out the smiles all over the place lately.  It seems that getting him to smile has become our sole occupation…funny faces, funny dances, funny songs.  You name it, we do it.  It’s actually quite disgusting, so we can’t go out into the public anymore.

Roll over, roll over

There were seven in a bed
And the little one said
“Roll over, roll over”
So they all rolled over
And one fell out

Murrow had his first reunion this week with all the other babies that he knew from pregnancy and labor classes.  The only thing cuter that Murrow is Murrow in a row of a bunch of babies.

A New World Record

6 Hours.  Mark this day.

If Kim and I had the sleeping schedule of my dad then we could declare that Murrow slept through the night for the first time.  10:30 at night until 4:30 in the morning…not too shabby.  It’s probably just a coincidence since last night was really active for him and he ate nicely before going down (plus the excellent Kim burrito wrap).  But hell friggin yeah!

Baby vs. Hard Drive

Murrow is endangering my hard drive space.  We sat him up on his Eeyore chair and I was trying to take a picture to put into the frame Kim got me for Father’s Day.  I took about 20 pictures with the intention of just keeping one or two of the best ones….but at the end of the day I kept all of them.  Freak.