August, 2006


Murrow is his own menagerie. I call him my little BabyBeetleMonkeyBird, and he seems to like it, if only because he really seems to respond to the “B” sound. He’s a Beetle because when he’s on his back, he flails his arms and legs like a bug on its back. When he’s standing up (with help, of course) he reminds me of a Monkey with his big ears, and I just LOVE little monkeys. And he’s a little Bird when he flaps his little maw at me.

I also sing this to him in the tune of the William Tell Overture (you know, the Lone Ranger song). It’s just “BabyBeetleMonkeyBird” over and over and over again. Today I was singing and bouncing this to him at the checkout counter at the grocery store. Apparently poppa gets a little embarrassed by this. I can nurse Baby in public, and that doesn’t faze him. But sing a little song, and he turns a little red. Whatever, poppa.

Grabby Monkey

It seems that just in the past week Murrow has gotten alot better at grabbing and manipulating things.  Mostly things are just going straight to his mouth, but heck, its a start.

Photo Booth

Kim got a brand new mac about a month ago so that she could start doing some freelance work from home (why she needed the cute black one, I have no idea).  Apple added on a fun new feature, where every mac now comes with a camera built-in and a program called photo booth, so that you can just sit in front of the computer and take ultra-cute baby pictures.

The Baby Jive

Sung to the tune of the Java Jive. Gary disapproves of the rhyming of “pop” with “lollipop.” Baby doesn’t seem to mind.

I love Murrow, yes I do
I love the Murrow, even when he poos
Murrow and me
He’s got stinky feet
But, then again, his mamma’s feet stink, too.

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Baby Straitjacket

As some of you might know, Kim and I have been looking for a baby-sized straitjacket for awhile now.  Murrow-dini would constantly wiggle out of his swaddling and wake up midway through his sleep.  Thankfully our PEPS facilitator showed us the glories of the double swaddle this week.  For those of you unfamiliar with the double swaddle, it takes two blankets.  The first blankets only job is to tether his arms by going over each arm then under the belly.  The second blanket swaddles him as normal.  This technique is giving us about 3 extra hours of sleep a night…yeah baby.

Baby vs. Hard Drive II

Kim and I are definitely guilty of the binge photography.  Today when we dressed up Murrow in one of his cute outfits that he finally fits into, we ended up taking 60 or so photos in a half hour.  I always think that I’ll be able to just pick the cutest ones to keep, but I can’t help myself, they’re all too cute.

Out of the Bucket

Kim and I still love our stroller (a poppa obsession), but now Murrow has gotten alot better at keeping his head up, we’re trying to use the baby bjorn more.  He loves it, but we have to keep a burp cloth hanging off the front of it to catch the gallons of drool that he’s dripping.

Everyone ia

When I was a little girl, someone showed me how when you look at the big lines in your left and right palms, they spell ,respectively, “ai ia.” In Vietnamese, once you add the appropriate wavy marks over certain letters, this means “who poops?” This is a popular conversation starter with Murrow. The answer is, of course, that everyone poops. What else is the boy learning in Vietnamese? He knows “de thuong” (pronounced zay tung) means, literally, easy to love.

Our Good Little Speacher

The little man’s been chatting up a storm lately. We usually sit after breakfast and have a little conversation, conducted mostly in oohs and ahhs. He’s also started to laugh with mamma, but I don’t think he quite gets the jokes yet. He just wants to laugh when mamma laughs.

Let’s Go to the Movies

One of the theaters downtown has a special baby-friendly screening every Tuesday morning. We went last week and again today. Murrow spent the time eating and napping. Like papa, like son.