September, 2006

Proud Parents, Pissed Baby

Murrow had a big milestone today, he rolled over from his belly to his back. 

The picture is of the happy (babies scream and yell and have watery eyes when they’re happy…right?) baby right after he rolled over for the first time.  It happened while poppa was at work, but when we were all together this evening he did it three more times.  It is as if a light switch went off in his head and now it’s no big deal.  We’re assuming the next step is log-rolling around the house and down the stairs….it’ll be when he can roll up the stairs that we’ll be really impressed.

Desert Sun in Seattle

Gary: We’ll take one of the Combi high chairs.
Sales clerk 1: What color would you like, blue or orange.
Sales clerk 2: You mean Caribbean or Desert Sun.
Gary: We’ll take orange.

Kim and I got Murrow a high chair today, even though he won’t be eating solids for at least another 7 weeks.

Asleep on a Sunbeam

Murrow has been a great night sleeper ever since we learned the double swaddle, but recently he’s become a fussy napper.  The only place that he can get really comfortable is on Kim, even poppa’s plentiful stomach isn’t good enough for this connaisseur.  Although a part of me is jealous, I don’t envy the huge drool stains she gets to walk around with on her chest.

Roll Over, Roll Over (pt. 2)

As I mentioned in a previous post, the only thing cuter than Murrow alone is Murrow is a line of cute babies.  We got another chance for one of those photos during one of our recent peps group meetings.  So cute, so cute, so cute. 

So Fresh and So Clean Clean

Anything that is related to keeping Murrow the cutest little boy on the planet basically falls into Kim’s responsibility.  Snazzy outfit – check, trimmed nails – check, no nasty gunk in his neck folds – check.  Poppa’s responsibility is to make sure that we have baby bath photos to use as blackmail when he starts dating.