October, 2006


Gruel, the thin porridge served to orphans, is also what Murrow got for his first meal.  Who would have thought that after receiving regular feedings of boob-a-licious milk, he wouldn’t really care for a nearly tasteless paste?  I wish I would have taken the picture of momma trying to be supportive and having a taste of this rice mix, her “yuck” face was worse than his.

The Voice of God (or Poppa)

One of the games that I like to play with Murrow is to put him on my knee facing away from me.  Then I whisper something behind each of his ears.  Depending on my mood it is either an angel and a devil (“love the momma” and “pee on the momma”) or just singing a random song to him in a high and a low tone of voice.  It drives him absolutely bonkers.

Catty Pillar

Catty Pillar is one of Murrow’s little grabby toys which has been spending alot of time in his mouth.  He’s a happy content baby with it in his mouth and the saddest baby ever born when it isn’t.

The first audio snippet is Murrow losing the toy, the send one is him getting it back.



To the Moon

Ever since the beginning, Murrow has been a really active baby, he is happiest when he’s jumping, flying, rolling, etc.  His new trick is to use his poppa’s big ol’ leg as a launch pad for flight.

What we don’t have a picture of yet is momma and Murrow’s latest game, of singing “My baby lies over the ocean”, with Murrow standing or sitting after each “b” sound.

Grabby McGrabbybutt

Murrow is now at the stage where he sees everything around him as something which rightfully belongs in his mouth.  Glasses, check.  Poppa and momma’s fingers, check.  Kitchen table, check.  He’s not mobile enough to get himself into any real trouble yet, but he has tried to grab a handful of leaves from the plant in his room, and at dinner he tried to grab a decorative orange slice.


When Murrow was just a couple of months old, he loved to take naps with his poppa.  However, in the last two months he’s refused to close his eyes, and will just scream and yell about how tired he is.  When momma takes over, he’ll fall fast asleep on her lap or shoulder…leaving poppa to sit in a pool of jealousy.  But today the streak finally ended.  Kim saw that he was tired, handed him over to me and he slept on my chest for over an hour.  Success!!!

Glossary: Buttered Popcorn

Kim and I will be starting Murrow on some solid food in the next week or so, so the days of 100% breastmilk poops will soon be over.  The weirdest thing is that Murrow’s poops smell like buttered popcorn…mostly the microwave type.  It is so uncanny that when we went through the popcorn aisle at the grocery store awhile back, I would swear that his diaper was full.

Murrow Brings the World Together

Whenever Murrow is out in public, everyone likes to look and smile at him, or to tell us that he is the cutest/strongest/smartest baby they’ve ever seen.  The funny part is that it isn’t just limited to random grandmas or other parents.  Results from last night’s downtown walk were:

  • Skanky mall walkers like Murrow
  • Spiky haired hipsters like Murrow
  • Bleached blond asians like Murrow
  • Other people’s children like Murrow

As the mid-term elections come up, and I inevitably call my brother an idiot for voting republican, let’s all remember what we can agree on.  Murrow is friggin’ adorable.

Sounds of Laughter

Kim and I have always wanted to record the sounds that Murrow makes, but he used to be so selective with his laughing and talking that it was hard to record.  Kim has now got it down to a science.

[audio:laugh-mmm.mp3] [audio:laugh-muhmuh.mp3] [audio:laugh-kissingmonster.mp3] [audio:laugh-woowoo.mp3]

5 Diapers and 20 Minutes Later

On Friday Kim told me a great story, but she didn’t think anyone would want to hear about it on this site.  I disagree.  Read below, then vote on the the next page.

Murrow waits forever between poops, often 3-7 days.  On Friday, he graced Kim with a big one, and as normal she changed him.  It was so big she had to use another diaper to contain the overflow before throwing it away.  After putting the second diaper on, she checked him and he had pooped again.  So she changed him again.  After putting the third diaper on (plus pants, socks, and shirt of course) she checked and he had pooped again.  So she changed him again.  After putting on the fourth diaper, she checked and he had pooped again.  5 diapers and 20 minutes later our story ends.

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