October, 2006

BBBFF (Baby Boy Best Friends Forever)

Everyone knows the camera adds 10 pounds, which can be pretty dramatic when you’re only 20-some inches long.   You’ll just have to believe me that Murrow and his friend Liam are waif-ish, gymnasts-to-be.

Our Good Little Sleeper

For about a month we had been putting the boy down uber-wrapped, but awake, and he seemed to be able to get himself to sleep just fine. And he would sleep up to 12 hours. A couple days ago we decided to try it without the swaddle. The first night went about as well as we could have hoped, and he woke up twice, once after 3 hours, and again after another 6. But the past two nights he’s actually stayed down for about 12 hours without getting us out of bed.

It’s official… Murrow’s got his poppa’s good sleeping genes.