November, 2006

He Likes It!

Murrow’s new favorite food is Winter Squash made by Earth’s Best. He LOVES it. Grabs at the spoon and everything. And the little jars are just so darned cute. I know, eventually we do want to start making up at least some of his food ourselves. But for now, why mess with a good thing? Speaking of mess…

Where’d It Go?

So, that tooth that I found the other day? It just plum up and disappeared. Funny how that happens, huh?

Murrow meet Bruiser

B&A have produced the cutest little giant that we’ve ever seen.  He’s only a year or so older than Murrow, but I’m sure that he could bench press our little boy if given the chance.

Oma, Opa, Uroma, and Uropa

Awhile back Kim and I decided that we’d go by Momma and Poppa for Murrow … but what would Murrow call my parents?  My mom decided they’ll be his Oma and Opa.  It is the German/Dutch name for a grandmother and grandfather, and even though we’re not either of those enthnicities, we’re game.  I’m not sure about the great grandmother and grandfather versions though, Uroma and Uropa sound like moons of Jupiter or something.

Meet the Cousins

Since Murrow doesn’t have any older brothers or sisters, he’ll have to learn the ways of the world from his cousins.  During this brief visit, Murrow had the chance to learn:

  1. The fun of playing with a pink fairy-mermaid named Elina.
  2. We all give thanks for the plentiful bounty of the Playstation.
  3. Grandma has a stash of marshmallows in the kitchen.

A Tale of Two Babies

It was the best of flights, it was the worst of flights.

With all of our worrying, the flight to Denver for Thanksgiving went off beautifully.  We arrived at the airport extra early, to find the world’s shortest lines.  Even after putting 10 trays worth of gear through the x-ray machine, we were a couple of hours early.  Murrow spent this time flirting with other travelers and generally having a blast.  Once on the plane, he went to sleep for the entire first half of the trip.  When the plane was set to land, all he needed was the prepared bottle to get him to calm down.  Beautiful, pleasant, happy, baby.

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Is it a Tooth?

Two months ago, we were convinced that Murrow was teething.  He started drooling, chewing on fingers, and crying.  But by now we’re jaded and convinced that he will grow up toothless, gumming his mashed bananas.

Today, Kim thinks she sees a little tooth bud trying to poke its way through Murrow’s gums.  I won’t be convinced until I see him chew his way through a t-bone steak.  Who do you side with?  Vote after the jump.

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We’re Not Hippies… Really

Based on a suggestion/recipe from one of our PEPS facilitators, I made up a batch of baby wipes this weekend. It was really easy and quick, although cutting up the paper towel roll proved a little challenging. For the oil, I used Burt’s Bees Apricot Baby Oil, and the result just smells oh-so-yummy.

1 baby wipes dispenser
1 paper towel roll, cut into thirds (use one at a time)
1 cup warm water
1 Tbsp baby oil
1 Tbsp baby wash
Gently mix water, oil and wash together in the container. Add the cut roll of paper towel and let it soak; you will need to flip it once. Then, when it is thoroughly wet, pull out the cardboard center.

Paper, the Other White Meat

Murrow is grabbing at just about everything nowadays, but one of his favorite things to snag is anything made of paper.  Junk mail has been pretty useful in this regard, I’m totally ok with him slobbering on my college alumni association’s request for information … and the catalog in the picture was fair game.

Fiber is good for you, right?

True Friends Fit in Your Mouth

Murrow judges his toys by how well they fit in his mouth.  Using this scale here are 3 of his favorite friends.

  • Crab Cycle – An orange crab bath toy.
  • Psnake -A purple snake leftover from his halloween costume (still amusing us). 
  • B. Scotty – A plush doggie, given to Murrow by PLee.