November, 2006

Back Seat Thinker

For awhile Kim and I have been trying to figure out how to take a picture of Murrow when he’s looking out the window of the back seat.  He always looks like he’s working through some sort of deep philosophical thought…although he’s probably just trying to figure out how he can make the world slow down enough so that he can put it in his mouth.

A huge backup on the 520 floating bridge allowed me to take this photo.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

We are now in possession of a brand-spanking-new washer and dryer set. The old set ate one too many baby socks and was sent off to the gallows. To inaugurate the new machines, we washed one pee-filled disposable diaper in a load of baby clothes. It actually came out intact, but made a whopper of a contribution to the lint trap. No one, to date, has accepted culpability in the matter.

I guess that’s no more disgusting than Murrow’s nightly pee-contribution to the bath.

Little Bunny Foo Foo Would Approve

Apparently, there’s nothing funnier to Murrow than when Momma and Poppa pretend to bop each other on the head. Gary or I will sit in front of the mirror with Mo in the lap, and the other parent will stand in back and make bopping motions, while the boppee says “ow”. It makes for guaranteed laughs.

Friggen Memory

For the parents out there, have you started to forget anything about your kids yet?  Kim and I were trying to remember what Murrow looked like the first week, especially when in the hospital.  I can remember all the sleeping and eating, but for the life of me I can’t get a clear picture of what he looked like.  All I can think of is current-Murrow smiling back at me.

Hung by the Chimney With Care

Kim just finished Murrow’s stocking this weekend. 

begin cheeseball
     And we’ve already received the best gift of them all.
end cheeseball

Snakes On The #*&@(% Baby

For Halloween we got a bunch of toy snakes and pinned them to Murrow (his clothes, not his skin), and called the concoction “Snakes on the Baby”. It’s been amusing us for months. Most people gave us “why are there snakes on your baby” looks until given the explanation (“you know… Snakes on a Baby”). And then they laughed politely and walked away.

Bring In Da Noise

Murrow’s been making two new yet-to-be-recorded sounds lately. One is kind of a grunty/aah sound that he makes whenever an inedible is near or in his mouth. He often wakes up making this noise while sucking on his blanket. The second sound is an “I’m about to hock a lougie” sound. But in a conversational kind of way. It’s usually accompanied by lots of drool.