December, 2006

First Christmas

Murrow’s first Christmas was a blast, we listened to Christmas songs, watched It’s A Wonderful Life and the Christmas Story…then had our traditional Chinese food dinner.  Murrow’s big gift this year was the Oxford English Dictionary.  It is so huge 9 pages are compressed onto each page and it comes with a magnifying glass to read the text.  But how else would Murrow find out “wonky” and “ginormous” were first used in the early 1900’s?

Pre-Christmas Merriment

It seems a shame that Christmas is just one day, so we spent most of the weekend opening presents, buying more presents, and just wrapping everything in site.  Murrow got a spinning ball, learning thing-a-ma-jiggy, which he took to immediately, a neglectful-parent-machine (aka exersaucer) which he loves, and a copy of TaxCut in a DVD box (which is his favorite present this year … seriously).

Big Boy Bather

Now that Murrow is sitting up extremely well, Kim and I decided it was time to remove the incline sling from his bath.  The fun part of this change is he can now play with the water a bit more.  He hasn’t quite figured out that you can’t catch a stream of water and put it in his mouth, but he does know he can grab the sides of the tub to stop himself from falling, which eases Momma and Poppa’s mind a bit.

Here Comes Sandy Claws

Murrow met Santa Claus for the first time yesterday and although we don’t have the “official” picture yet (they still use real film … freaks), here’s a few that Poppa took (including one from the camera phone).  Full story after the jump.

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Diaper Play-Doh

Here’s another one you can skip over if you’re easily disgusted…

Lately, little Mo’s been sucking up the solid foods, eating up to an entire jar+ in one sitting. He’s even taken to the green foods and foods mixed with cereal, where previously he would only open his mouth for the orange stuff. And it’s all coming out on the other end as this thick, moldable stuff. Fun, and smells great, too.

Meester Fuzzyhead

Murrow’s nickname of the moment is Meester (pronounced me-stir) Fuzzyhead, for obvious reasons.  He was born with a full head of hair, then it all fell out, and it is slowly being replaced with the softest, cutest, most uncontrollable hair imaginable.  He’s like a really drooly q-tip nowadays.

Uncle Two Belts

Uncle Two Belts

As you can see in the photo, Uncle Two Belts and Murrow got along great while he was in town.  UTB was in town working on his reflexes and parenting skills.  He still has a bit of work to do on his snap-second baby catching skills.

Two-Headed Snake

Yes, it is a little weird that one of Murrow’s favorite toys is a plastic snake.  But it really is a great toy.  We can hold onto the tail so it doesn’t land in a puddle when he throws it, he can easily shove it in his mouth, and just drapes over his shoulder when he’s not using it. Today we found a new reason why it is the perfect toy, it’s fun to share with your friends.

Just Average

Murrow had his 6 month check up the other day. As usual, they measured his head circumference, length and weight (he managed to not make a bowel movement on the scale). Turns out our boy is in the 50th percentile for all three categories. Too bad there’s no cute-o-meter. He’d be off the charts.

Of course, Gary was unable to make it to the appointment (stupid meetings!). I left the bandages on Mo’s legs where he got his 5 shots so that Poppa could see where all those puncture wounds were. Don’t worry. Murrow handled it like a little man. A crying, screaming little man.