January, 2007

This Is How Loud My Voice Can Go

Lately, we’ve been having screaming contests. Murrow goes “AAAH”, then I go “AAAH”, Murrow goes “AAAH’ louder, I go “AAAH” louder. You get the picture. Poppa sometimes has to come in and tell us to use our indoor voices. If we’re outside, he just tells us to be quiet.

Random Three

As Kim and I crowd around Murrow with a camera preparing for his first crawl, we’ve been collecting some fun photos along the way. 

Limp Noodle

We’ve been using this term to describe Murrow’s structural integrity upon waking up. He just kind of flops all over the place. Not exactly the best time to get him to crawl.

Sir, Yes Sir

Murrow’s developed quite the army crawl. He can move pretty quickly across the living room to his favorite chew toy, the cat. It’s not what I’d call a real crawl yet, but soon, very soon…

Say Hello

Murrow’s been waving at people, cats, his reflection… Ok, so it’s less of a wave, and more of a spastic movement of one or both of his arms. But it’s definitely his new way of greeting people he likes.


The family went out to the opening weekend of Seattle’s Sculpture Park today to see the  n’art (office park art), isitart (seating areas with plaques), and real art.  We found the plaque forbidding pictures of the large typewriter eraser…which of course led us to take Murrow’s picture in front of it.  Also, on the waterfront there is a bunch of driftwood and rocks for making your own art.  Kim’s fine piece “two rocks” is on display for all to see.

Becoming One With the Floor

For Kim and Murrow’s dance class, they have the babies strip down to their onesies so the babies can see and feel more of their movements.  We’ve been trying that a bit lately with his tummy-time, thinking that it might help him with his crawling.  It didn’t seem to help, but it sure is cute.

Fine Motor Skills at Work

The past few days, Murrow’s gotten very good at picking up those little sweet potato star puffs and actually getting them into his mouth. Last week, when we first started giving them a try, they mostly just stuck to his palm and got thrown to the floor. Now, he loves them. Yesterday, I got him some of Barbara’s Os (no wheat + fruit juice sweetened = better than Cheerio’s). They require a little bit more chewing than the puffs, but little Mo’s up to the task.


Murrow finally goes both ways!  He’s been able to roll onto his back since late September, but he’s never been interested in rolling onto his stomach.  It seems that all of the sitting, crouching, etc. has made him more tolerant of his stomach and tonight he began rolling onto his stomach.  He loved his new trick and kept rolling back and forth between his stomach and back, showing off to his pround Momma and Poppa.

Now we just wait until he starts tumble-weeding across the house and down the stairs.

Crawling is the New Teeth

So, each day it seems like Murrow is getting a little bit closer to crawling, so Kim and I are taking turns trying to guess when he’s going to finally do it.  He’s already moving from a sitting position to standing on his arms and legs.  He can walk forward and backward on his hands if we pick him up in a wheelbarrow position.  He can push forward using his legs if we keep our hands behind his feet.  The only thing he hasn’t done is actually crawl.

Any guesses on what day it’ll happen?  Vote after the jump.

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