January, 2007

Falling Through the Cracks

Here’s some random tidbits that don’t warrant a full post:

  • Murrow is deathly afraid of aluminum foil
  • Kim can’t stop snacking on his sweet potato puffed baby snacks
  • The singing purple alien that he found scary a few months ago is now the funniest thing in the world.

Baby vs. Hard Drive III

Murrow’s been so cute lately that the camera has been filling up quicker than this site.  Feel free to make up your own story.

How Fickle He Is

Murrow waited until I had purchased all the required ingredients for making our own teeting biscuits to eschew them all together. Apparently, when he’s not actually teething, he has no interest in teething biscuits. Nevermind that everything else he gets his grubby little hands on ends up in his mouth.

Claustrophobics, Beware

Last week, the three of us finally made it out to a movie theater crying room near our home. It was just a row of five seats immediately behind a pane of glass. Kind of small and stuffy. But, we can’t really be too picky, now can we? What did we see? (In)appropriately, it was “Children of Men.”

Tonight, Sweet Potatoes!

We were looking forward to heading downtown to get some pho and do some shopping today, but the snow kind of stymied those plans. Instead we stayed in, watched the unexpected snow fall, and I made up the first batch of homemade food for the Murster. Those little jars might have a use yet.

He’s a Baller, Shot-Caller

I LOVE having a kid.

Now that we have Murrow, Kim and I finally have an excuse to buy those cool inflated balls that they sell at department stores.  The bonus is that Murrow likes playing with it too.

Crouching Baby, Hidden Dragon

Whenever a toy is just out of Murrow’s reach, he’s always used his trusty method of falling on his stomach, rolling over onto his back, then crying for us to bring him the toy.  He’s added a new twist to this ritual, where he can now hold himself up using his arms for a few seconds, before he falls onto his stomach, then rolls over onto his back crying for us to bring him the toy.

Seriously, Murrow has become alot more physical in the past couple of days.  He’s now crouching and pulling himself up using small ledges.  Now that he has his two front teeth, is crawling next?

Tooth’s Best Friend

Tooth the First met Tooth the Second today. I called this one yesterday, thank you very much. A second little pearly white poked its little head up this morning. Good thing we stocked up on some store-bought teething biscuits the other day (Abbie’s mom has passed along a recipe for home made biscuits that we’ll be trying soon). Teething biscuits, by the way, get really disgusting really fast.

About Freakin’ Time

So, every day, for like the past three months, I’ve declared that I think Murrow’s teething. Yesterday Poppa says that he will pop one out today. Guess what? After a fitful night, he woke up with a pearly white (well, right now it’s just something hard that’s barely broken the surface) in the bottom right (our left). Now I’m just waiting for the first chomp. You know what I’m talking about.

It Takes Two

Since before the dance class, Murrow and I have been doing the tango around the house, at the store, at coffeeshops… He loves it, especially the part where I dip him at the end. Must be the Argentine in his blood. The only part he doesn’t get is the fact that you’re supposed to do the tango without smiling, and certainly without squealing laughter.