February, 2007

Upwardly Mobile

The couch is the new frontier. Murrow can now pull himself up to a standing position using the couch. And then he'll walk the length of it. Slowly. If there's a toy he wants on the other end. And if the cat's not around to distract him.

Rise and Shine

More and more, when Murrow wakes up, I'll come into his room to find him sitting up, happily waiting for me to come get him. Okay, so maybe he's not so happy. But he is sitting up. I say it's time to lower the mattress again. Poppa thinks I'm being overly cautious.

Berlin Gate

Now that Murrow's mastered the art of crawling, even on the slippery hardwoods, I've finally started to use the gate. Where we were previously able to pass willy nilly from the living room to the kitchen, we now have to cross secretly and at great peril. Except for Poppa, he can just step over it. We're hoping that David Hasselhoff can join us for the reunification.

A Fistful of Hair

Murrow’s always grabbed at my hair when it was convenient for him. Like when I bent over for kisses or tickles. Now he seems to think it’s a game for him to lean every which way to snatch some hair… and insert it into his mouth. Fun AND yummy.

Going Fishing

Murrow's reached a milestone recently.  He's now tall enough to reach his fish mobile when he stands on his changing table.  He's been reaching for it ever since he could lift his arm.


Baby Spelunker

Today, Murrow explored the deep, dark cave that suddenly popped up in our living room.

The Entropy Maker

When Murrow crawls, there're two things he likes to do:

  1. Harass the cat.
  2. Destroy everything in his path.

Kim has begun exploiting the second item, creating stacks of empty candy cartons for Murrow to crawl to and destroy.

Ear Explosion!!!

In the past couple of weeks, Murrow's cold has sent us to the hospital a twice.  First, because he was running a high fever and then because he wouldn't eat.  Today was the third time going to the doctor for us (thankfully Children's hospital is just a little ways down the road).  This time because a strange liquid running out of Murrow's ears.  It turns out his eardrum ruptured because of an ear infection, which is relatively harmless.  The eardrum will likely healing up in the next few weeks. 

In the mean time, Murrow's guzzling the antibiotics that smell, taste, and look pink.

Out and About Again… Finally

The poor little guy’s been dealing with a pretty tough cold. He was coughing, sneezing, not breathing well and dealing with the runniest little nose we’d ever seen. And to top it all off, he had a fever that sometimes got so high he couldn’t do anything but wimper and pass out on our chests. But we’re through with that now. Yesterday he was feeling well enough to merit an outing to the library, which he loves. Tons of pretty books to reach for and babble at. Today we’re looking forward to a trip to Target, or as we call it, HappyLand. Yippee!

Thought Bubbles

Kim and Murrow are both sick.  It is Murrow's first cold, and they got sick on the same day and they're going through the exact same symptoms.

What's silly is that Murrow's nose bubbles (cute & gross) have reminded both of us that we used to call him Bubble Mouth … but neither of us can remember the exact context for that name?  Did he make one big bubble with his mouth, or lots of tiny ones?