February, 2007

Making It Official

Ever since Murrow started getting up on all fours, Kim and I have been wondering when he'll crawl.  It's been a couple of weeks now that he's been scooting all over the place, mostly with an army crawl.  But we're now ready to declare him a crawler…he's not necessarily fast or coordinated.  But its good enough to scare the cat into the floorboards.

The Daily Grind

Now that Mo’s got teeth in on the bottom and top, he can do something we all take for granted… grind his teeth. Audibly. Poppa finds it to be a most disturbing development. I’m just wondering when we make that first dentist appointment. And whether I, too, have to go to a dentist at that point.

Baby vs. Hard Drive IV

I just thought I’d take a moment to post a few fun Murrow pics.

More Teeths!

Forget the college fund… We need to start saving up for orthodontia.

We’ve been so preoccupied with watching the little duder drag his cute little belly around the floor that we completely failed to notice that he’d been teething. Both of his top two teeth broke through today. I’d presciently made up a batch of Abbie’s teething biscuits this weekend, so those are taking the edge off a bit.

The Paradox of Choice

Give him one cereal O or one raisin, and he’ll go to town. But scatter a bunch in front of him and he flails wildly about. He’ll pick up one, then drop it on the way to the next one, only to drop that one while going for another. Poppa, nerd that he is, calls it the Paradox of Choice.