March, 2007

Upwardly Mobile, Part II

Murrow’s mastering the fine art of pulling up. He practices on anything he can… the couch, dining table, entertainment center, shoulders, end tables, beds, bookcases, gates, his crib.

We had thought that by putting those foam corner guards on the furniture that we were protecting Murrow’s poor little head from the big, mean sharpies. Turns out we were actually protecting the furniture from Mo’s craggly little sharpies. Those items we had left unprotected (the crib rail, end table, my shoulder) have the teeth marks to prove he’s conquered them.

It Takes Two, Part II

In every relationship there is the one who says “Bump up the jams,” and the one who says “Turn it down; it’s too loud.” With Momma and Poppa, Momma’s the turn-it-downer. With Poppa and Murrow, Murrow’s the bump-it-upper.

One of Mo’s favorite things to pull himself up to is the big, black volume knob on the stereo. Apparently, it only goes one way… up.

Murrow the Lap Dog

Murrow got to play with his good friend Liam today, which unfortunately I wasn't home for.  But the pictures Kim took were priceless…this one is my favorite, with Murrow playing the role of Liam's lap dog.  Supposedly Liam played along petting Murrow.  Good boys.

Scaling Mt. Poppa

In Murrow's world, anything on the ground is fair game to crawl over, including his Poppa.  Since I'm a fat lazy bastard (just ask my doctor) our hyperactive, newly mobile child has plenty of opportunities to use me as a speed bump in his explorations of the house.

He’s More of a Shower Guy

Murrow's bathtime is really a two person effort nowadays.  Kim is in charge of washing him with soap, rinsing, shampooing his hair, etc.  I'm in charge of keeping Murrow out of trouble.  He likes to try out all of his new tricks in the tub.  Standing up, spinning around, crawling, etc.  I can't wait until he gets older, so we can just take him outside and turn on the hose to get him clean.

Playing With Momma’s Toys

Kim got out her box of fabric scraps to work on a new pillow (working on Poppa's pillow pit dream) and Murrow was wondering why we rarely bring out this box of new and wonderful toys.

Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Loudly

While crawling used to be a cerebral activity for Murrow (slow, methodical, requiring the limbs to move in just the right order), it’s now just a noisy one. Little Mo can’t crawl without grunting, chortling, making rude butt-noises, and smacking his fists forcefully on the floor.

So Cute, So Evil

Sometimes we forget that inside that ultra-cute exterior, inside of Murrow lies a foul beast.  As Kim mentioned, Murrow is sick again and got himself another ear infection.  Overall, he's still happy and wants to play.  But when it comes time to eat, Murrow unleashes a Exorcist-style rage of froth and malice.  Refusing to let anything into his mouth, and hurling anything that makes its way in.  Blech.

More Sicky Sickiness

Poppa got over his little cold last week, but it’s finally caught up to me and Murrow. Runny nose, coughing and sneezing. He’s still in pretty good spirits, and incessantly mobile, but that’s how the last cold started, too. Murrow’s least favorite thing, in case you were wondering, is having his nose/faucet wiped. Tissues are second only to tin foil in scariness.

Random 3

With the family getting sick, the postings on the site slowed down, but the snapping of photos never did.  Here's 3 images … Murrow and his farmer hat, Murrow realizing that cd's have holes in the middle, and Murrow simply mugging for the camera.