March, 2007

Hitting the Sauce

I swear that Kim and I haven't let Murrow's apple juice ferment, but for some reason a batch of his most recent pictures make him look like a drunk (an angry one).

Unjustly Jailed

Murrow is being held against his will in detainment camp Love, without legal representation or a fair trial. The guards insist it is for "his own good", but Murrow is fully aware that the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

Gonna Eat Me a Lot of Peaches

Look Out!

Poppa made up a batch of peaches the other day, and Murrow just loves them. Even with his teeth bothering him a bit, he opens up and gulps them down. The eggplant, on the other hand… Not Mo’s favorite. And he seems to be a little allergic to them. Oh well, they can’t all be winners.

Even More Teeths!

Those two teeth that were coming in on top turned out to be four crookedly growing, awkwardly spaced teeth. Ouch (I’m talking about me, here). And the grinding… I’ve been calling him my little Geiger counter.