April, 2007

Curry Quotes

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Eats, Chokes & Leaves

Apparently, Abbie isn’t the only freaky baby around these parts. Gary and I had artichokes for dinner last night and handed Murrow a leaf to explore. He actually seemed to enjoy gnawing on it and succeeded in getting some of the edible parts down. Of course, he also tore the leaf to bits and tried eating not-so-edible parts. Nobody was willing to share the heart with Murrow. There are conflicting reports, however, as to the condition of Murrow’s skin afterward. Poppa says Murrow’s face was a little rashy looking. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

Yummy Yummy Yogurt

Nothing makes us happier than to see Murrow eating well. So you can imagine that when he polishes off entire containers of yogurt, entire ADULT containers of yogurt, in one sitting, it makes us absolutely ecstatic. Call-Poppa-on-the-phone-to-tell-him-the-good-news-ecstatic. My only worry is that one good bear hug of a squeeze (as I’m inclined to do when he eats so well) could make it all come bubbling back up in a stinky soy-yogurty mess. That’s a danger I’ll just have to live with.

Crawl, Clunk, Crawl, Clunk

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Pillow Bite

Murrow's been a wild child lately, chewing on anything he can get his mouth around and flying around the house on his hands and knees.  We especially love the picture of him chewing on the pillow while holding the Tivo remote.

Soylent Baby

We’re slowly working on building up our repertoire of foods Murrow will eat. The other day he happily gnawed down an apple wedge (what CAN’T the wedge do?). I know, it’s nothing compared to the crudité plates some of you other babies are wolfing down (ahem, Abbie), but it’s a huge accomplishment for us.

He’s also been eating some soy yogurt. He might even be enjoying it. OK, so maybe that’s an overstatement. But he’s at least willingly opening his mouth for it. Same diff. And today he finished off an entire container in two sittings. Woohoo!

Ready for my Close-up

Whenever the camera is out, Murrow can't help but charge at it and Kim can't help but take a picture of him doing it.  So we've ended up with a nice little collection of photos that are too close for the camera to focus on, but too cute not to share.

What About Bob?

Our friend Liam was over the other day and introduced Murrow to his imaginary friend, Bob. Now it’s all they talk about. “Bob, Bob, Bob.”

Murrow’s been pretty vocal the past week or so. Lots of Bobs, Puhs and Kihs. Unfortunately, Kih (aka the kitty), decided to strike out on her own last weekend. There was one possible sighting on Sunday, but it’s not looking good.

Travels With Blockie

There are 50 blocks in Murrow’s collection, but the one he clearly favors is the purple cylindrical one. He’ll pull it out of the box and do all his normal Murrow things with it. He pulls himself up on the furniture with Blockie. He plays with (always with, not in) the exer-saucer with Blockie. He looks at his reflection in the tv (off, of course) with Blockie. He crawls, now very loudly, with Blockie. He bonks Poppa in the head with Blockie.

It’s all very cute. Just remember, DO NOT MESS WITH BLOCKIE. Do not try replacing Blockie with another toy, or even another block. Do not try to hide Blockie. Do not remove Blockie from Murrow’s mouth to insert a spoon. Do not take Blockie and try to spin it like a top. Murrow has teeth. And he’s not afraid to use them.

What Can He Eat?

A good question. We’re still trying to figure it out. Until yesterday he found the jarred Apples and Apricots palatable. Until today he love the jarred Sweet Potato. The past few days have seen very little food of worth go into Murrow. The few things he ate before, he won’t eat now. Extremely frustrating to say the least. He did, however, really dig the potatoes from the curry I made the other night. Barbara’s Brown Rice Crisps are the new Os. He likes the plain Goldfish crackers. They’re made with some milk, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. Annie’s Bunny Grahams have honey, but we’re letting him eat anything he will take. And, of course, everything has wheat, but the doc told us to keep giving it to him in reasonable quantities until he shows a serious reaction. He does, after all, need some staples in his diet. We’re still waiting on an appointment to see the nutritionist at Childrens…