April, 2007

A Rash of Rashes

I've suspected for a while that Murrow's developed a dairy allergy, despite (or maybe because of) his being primarily fed milk-based formula the first few weeks of his life. Last week I tested this theory with some yogurt… hive city. Today I took him to the allergist, and we can now confirm it… Mo's allergic to milk.

But that's not all, folks. Of the 21 things Murrow was tested for today, only FIVE came back with no reaction. The caution list includes dairy, eggs, nuts of many varieties (pecans seem to be fine), peas, bananas, wheat and soy (only mildly), cats (this should be interesting)…

Early Christmas Present

According to Uncle Two Belts, this is either abuse, or the most awesome thing ever.  You be the judge. 

All we know is its the best $7.50 we've ever spent. 

Ah Bah Bah Bah Bah

Murrow and Momma have a new game.  Baby boy lets out a long ahhhhhh and Momma bounces her hand over his mouth, creating the funniest sounds I've heard in awhile.


Dunk the Baby

Murrow and poppa have a new game, to supplement the endlessly fun pull-the-magnet-off-the-fridge put-the-magnet-on-the-fridge game.

The new game involves poppa drinking a glass of water and Murrow dunking his hand into the glass every time it gets near him.  There's two ways of thinking about this.  1. Murrow gets his hands clean in the water  (good).  2. Poppa is stuck drinking Murrows dirty water (not so good).

Reading and Playing

Murrow is slowly growing out of his "books are for chewing" phase and has begun interacting with some of them.  He loves his feely books, with tails that wiggle or are fuzzy, or bugs that are crinkly.  I love this picture of Murrow and his friend Liam where they're arguing about which page in the hungry little caterpillar is best.


Murrow has been in pain lately…no, not splinters in the mouth, but check out the picture of his bite marks on the crib.  He's getting over a cold, he has his third ear infection, and his new medicine tastes like chalk (instead of his oh-so-yummy pink stuff).

Of course when Murrow isn't feeling well, he's also a pain in our collective parent asses.  He hates to eat anything other than O's, brown rice crispies, and freeze dried apples.  If it wasn't so infuriating, we might notice how cute he looks when he's clamping shut his little baby lips.