June, 2007

Stair Master

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Standing Tall (for 5 seconds)

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Spoon Man

Artis would be proud of our little spoonman. Since he’s been grabbing at the spoon so much lately we thought we’d let him try feeding himself the yogurt for a change. Needless to say, we all jumped into the bath after this set of photos.

Blanket Glossary

Blanky (alt. pronunciations include Banky and Keh) – This is the large green afghan that Kim made Murrow (thanks for the yarn Ali), that he sleeps with. It’s his favorite blanky, which he’ll try to snag from the crib through the slats.

Panky – This is the light purple afghan that Oma made him, that Kim and I are still impressed with the skill level for. It freaks us out, because this is the blanket he likes to carry around with him and we’re deathly afraid of losing it.

Hanky – Kim is making a miniature version of Blanky for Murrow to take out of the house.

Father’s Day of Geekery

Kim and Murrow went all out for Father’s Day this year. You know it’ll be a good day when a creepy-handmade-Murrow-head-note-holder greets you at breakfast. Murrow sported his new “My Dad is a Geek” shirt while we played at the Pacific Science Center. We tried to teach him how to say naked mole rat without much luck…but we’re sure he’ll appreciate the experience one day.

Another Reason to Close the Bathroom Door

I know I’m not the first parent to find a pile of unraveled toilet paper on the bathroom floor. There is nothing more fun, apparently, than batting at the roll and watching the paper cascade off. I can’t wait until Murrow discovers how to flush the toilet. Seriously. That might actually be fun to watch.


Murrow has definitely started connecting sounds with objects. Unfortunately, he’s still got alot of work ahead of him, before he can be a good speacher like his Poppa. We’ve already written about his use of “Kih” to mean “Kitty”, but he also uses “Keh” for “Blanky”. He’ll repeat the Pah sound, which I take to mean “Poppa”, but he’ll also just babble on saying Papapapapapapap. Lastly, today he said “Ukini” to mean Zuchini…but he only said it once. We’ve got to come up with an official “first word”, what do you think counts? Vote after the jump.

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Well, Murrow is sick again. I’m guessing he caught it from the ultra-friendly kid at the playground, who asked if Murrow would like to play, then made Murrow giggle when he kept on lunging at our baby boy going “Boo!”.

Poor guy has a fever and isn’t in the mood to do much of anything, so we spent the evening just curling up with Panky (Oma’s too precious purple blanket) and looking as pathetic as possible. Not pictured is when Murrow just decided to curl up with his purple block under his head, as if it was a pillow.

Everyone cross your fingers that he doesn’t get another ear infection.


Murrow is only a year old, so we don’t expect him to understand everything yet…but you’d think it’d be easy enough to grasp that the point of the slide is to go down it. However, he’s only truly content when he’s trying to scamper up the slide. He can get about a third of the way up on his own, and all the way with a bit of help from Momma or Poppa…not too shabby for a little guy who is still trying to stand on his own.

Baby Boy in the Big Boy Bath

Murrow has officially outgrown his infant tub and has graduated to the real thing…the big boy bath. He’s free to explore the new frontier, pulling the bath plug, chewing on the faucet, and reaching for the hot and cold water handles.