July, 2007

Round and Round

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Let’s Go For a Ride

Murrow’s been walking for a couple of weeks now, and he’s already learned several valuable lessons.

  1. Be thankful for fluffy diapers
  2. Running is funner than walking
  3. Its better to catch a ride, letting someone else do the work

His good friend Liam was kind enough to help him with lesson #3.

Murrow, Stand Up

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We’re Calling It… 7/09/07

Just like we weren’t sure when we could say for sure that Murrow was crawling, we were a little hesitant to call what he’s been doing this last week “walking”. Until today, that is. It’s not the most graceful thing to watch, and there are certainly areas in which he could improve, but Murrow’s definitely walking now. We took him to the playground at University Village after dinner, and he just went to town. I’d been ready to call it walking after his performances during the day today, but Poppa took some convincing. After seeing Murrow keep his balance and keep trucking forward amidst the whirlwind of daredevil kids, Poppa was finally willing to concede.

Jungle Boy

Kim and I have a fear that we will forever damage our child because our cat is called Monkey. We imagine him turning in his “picture of a monkey” to his 3rd grade teacher, which is a artistic/realistic rendering of a small grey cat, saying “Meow”. When the kids laugh at him, he abandons the nature illustrator career he was destined for.

To try and nip this horror in the bud, we went to the zoo today.

Sleepy Zombie

Now that summer has finally hit Seattle, Murrow has turned into a zombie (we expect this to be a yearly occurrence). Just judge by the pictures, when our little zombies has finished eating some brains (cherries and strawberries), then has passed into a glorious heat-induced zombie sleep (the only time when Kim dares to get close).

4th of July Pool Party

For the fourth, we did what every family should do…barbeque and hang around the pool.

Since Kim and I don’t really barbeque and we don’t have a pool, we went to Murrow’s best buddy’s place for hot dogs and (two?) kiddy pools. Murrow loved lounging in the water in his new swim trunks (that are big enough to last him for a couple of years).


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Milestones Minus the Images

Murrow’s been a milestone monkey this past week…unfortunately we don’t have any pictures to provide it. You’ll just have to trust us:

  1. Today at his second 5th of July party he took his first steps. Poppa missed the first one, but was there when he took 4 (mostly to pivot).
  2. His 7th tooth has popped up (way in the back of his top set).
  3. He moved from his little baby car seat, to his big boy cow patterned seat.

I promise we’ll be better about the photos soon.