August, 2007

Drinking From A Fire Hose

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His Future’s So Bright

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Look Ma, No Hands

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Having Fun Is Hard Work

Jasmine seems to have become quite adept at using our camera, skillfully cropping photos, using on-camera tools we didn’t even know were there. Getting outside while the going’s still good seems to be a top priority for her, and Murrow seems to be getting plenty of activity on land and in water. And what good is a big purple ball if you never get to kick it around in the grass (or contemplate it warily).

Taking It Outside

Jasmine, the nanny, has been great with Murrow. And Murrow loves playing and sharing his toys with her 6 month old daughter, Maiya. They’ve been getting out to the park or Greenlake every day, but their daily trips are sometimes supplemented by an exploration of our backyard. All the unpulled weeds and overgrown ivy makes for a nice jungle-like setting.

Bag Boy

One of Murrow’s new finds is a paper grocery bag that he pulled out from under the sink. It has many of the makins’ of a Murrow favorite… It can be a major participant in the “stuff in other stuff” game. It can go on his head for the “stuff on heads” game. And it can be flapped around to make lots of noise in the “stuff that makes lots of noise” game.

Blowing Kisses (aka Bwaaaa)

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Damn Hippies

There’s a chance that Murrow will grow up to be a hippy, his parents are close enough (but really like personal hygiene). Yoga, greener, and weird hair…all strong signs. Note 1: Murrow has had the Evergreen Geoduck sweatshirt ever since he was born…it still doesn’t fit. Note 2: We’re not sure where Murrow learned yoga, but that’s a pretty good downward facing dog that he’s doing.

Pan Lid Cymbals

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Iron Chef Murray-Mo-to

Murrow’s been making LOTS of noise with our pots and pans lately. We came across miniature versions at Ikea last night, and we thought they’d be proportionately quieter. Boy, were we wrong. He discovered that the two little lids, while quite noisy when banged against their corresponding pots, actually make a brilliant noise when banged against each other.