August, 2007

Neglecting Our Duties

We’ve been woefully negligent in our primary duties as parents…providing grandparents and friends cute pictures of our little toodler (yes, that is the correct spelling…pronounced two-dler).

Just Kicking It

One of Murrow’s birthday presents from Owen and Evan was a drumming-monkey-with-little-plastic-balls-dealio. You (meaning the kid) are supposed to take one of three balls and push it through one of three holes and the monkey will do a little drumming dancing thing. After 3 months with this toy, Murrow just barely gets it. Every other kid who comes over seems to instinctively know what to do with the ball and loves the monkey. Murrow doesn’t even seem to notice the monkey’s song and dance. What he HAS started to do is take one of the little balls, roll it on the ground, run over to it, and kick it across the room. I find soccer to be terribly boring (sorry, I just do), so this isn’t the happiest development for me. But for now, it is fun to watch.

Not Upwardly Mobile Enough, Apparently

Murrow’s become quite the climber. His love of it had been confined mostly to climbing people, but now he’s moved on to the furniture. Chairs, the couch, the carseat… The other day he succeeded in getting up into the highchair. Gary and I just kind of stood there with mouths agape, and we imagined all those Emergency Room bills sure to greet us in the future. Good thing Children’s is just down the street.

Nightly Ritual Changes

Murrow’s always been a good sleeper (makes up for his eating a bit) and we’ve tried helping him by keeping a pretty set nightly ritual. It has always been that we put him to bed between 8 and 9, with Poppa lowering him into the crib and Kim giving him his blanky. The only thing that has changed is what we do right before putting him down. When he was a tiny baby, Poppa would feed him a big bottle to put him to sleep with a full stomach. Then Kim switched to breastfeeding him right before sleep, which would calm him down nicely. Yesterday, we cut out the milk entirely and switched to just reading him a book. It is the scariest thing in the world to mess with somthing that works, but thankfully he’s still sleeping soundly.

What a Week

This week has been a big one. Kim and I decided to hold off on having a second kid for a little while, and instead build back up our savings that having Murrow knocked out. In the past week, Kim found a good job with a local publishing company doing page design for trade magazines. Then we hired a nanny (which sounds so snobbish, but really isn’t). She hung out with Kim and Murrow today taking everything in…but the fireworks will really start on Monday when Kim starts working full time. Wish us luck.