October, 2007


Nobody told us last year that all the fun Halloween stuff happens the weekend BEFORE the holiday. This year we were prepared, and took a little evening excursion to the zoo for their annual festivities. The only animals out were the farm animals and TONS of little kids dressed as lions, tigers and fairy princesses. Murrow, as far as we could tell, was the only little bunnie. He indulged in a little fruit stick thing, the only thing in his haul that wouldn’t have us poised and ready with Epipen in hand.


Murrow’s learned a new word, and he’s getting lots of mileage out of it. Usually accompanied by a vigorous head shake, it can mean: “No, you may not take blankie away from me”; “No, I would rather feed myself the yogurt and make a big ol’ mess, Poppa”; “No, I’m not done with my milk yet, Momma”; “No, I don’t want any milk. Can’t you see it’s your phone I want to play with” ; “No, I don’t want to be crawled on right now, Maiya (the Nanny’s daughter)”. The possibilities for this vocab addition are endless, really.

City Boy at the Farm

In Jasmine’s never-ending quest to make Poppa jealous, she took Murrow and Abbie to a farm this week. I wasn’t there, so I can’t know the whole story…but from the pictures I can see that punk-rock Murrow (notice the mohawk) was curious why the very large doggies had horns and ate grass. Then he climbed stacks of hay to get to a slide, because the new-fangled technology of stairs and ladders hasn’t reached the sticks yet.

Growing Up So Fast

With how fast Murrow is growing up, it feels like forever between each of these posts (in addition to it being forever since we last posted). Here’s a few pictures of the new fun stuff he’s doing, like going down the slide himself, picking up food with a fork, and going grocery shopping (just kidding).

Belly Slide

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