December, 2007

Bed Time for Bonzo

When I walked into his room this morning, Murrow was very keen on the idea of climbing out of bed himself. He didn’t succeed, but he did get his foot over the rail, and that was enough to convince me that it was time to switch the crib into a toddler bed.

Murrow watched as Gary transformed his new sleeping digs, and he really enjoyed climbing into and out of bed. But sleeping in it… well that’s an entirely different matter. We’re hoping it happens at some point tonight. We’re at least prepared to walk into a very destroyed room in the morning.

Christmas Spectacular

And how! The gifting extravaganza started early with Jasmine bringing what seemed like a carload of presents for Murrow (a couple for us, too). The crazy Curious George train remains one of Mo’s favorites, and loudest as well.

Christmas Eve night, we each opened one one gift (as is tradition in our house), and Murrow found a very, ahem, energetic key toy from Uncle Jeff and Aunt Alison.

Christmas morning, the rest of the gift tonnage descended, so much so that we had to break up the work into two shifts. Uncle Two Belts and Aunt Diane helped out with the early shift, the one in which Murrow re-enacted that scene from the Christmas Story. You know, the one with the bunny suit.

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Batter Up

[flashvideo width=”320″ height=”240″ filename=”/video/batterup.flv” returnpage=”http://www.murrowlove.com” /]

Playing Catch-up

The one big negative about not posting as often as I previously did is that I can’t wax poetic about every new thing Murrow’s done. For instance, take these recent photos. For one, Murrow has started holding hands with folks while walking (so cute when it is Abbie). Also, he’s learned the fine arts of bucket-standing (a family tradition) and bubble-watching.

Two Wrongs Make a Right

[flashvideo width=”320″ height=”240″ filename=”/video/twowrongs.flv” returnpage=”http://www.murrowlove.com” /]

An explanation of what is happening here

Double the Grandparents

Murrow had a big surprise this weekend when his grandma and grandpa dropped by…before then, he just figured that he had one momma, one poppa, one grandma and one grandpa. We’re sure he appreciates the appeal of having multiple grandparents to indulge him…every kid only needs one mean momma and poppa, but the more grandparents the better.

Grandma proved that taking lots of pictures is a universal trait and since we didn’t have our camera at the time, but I hope they’re checking the blog and send Kim a couple snapshots of us trying to keep Murrow still enough to pose for a picture. Update: Kim’s family sent one of the group shots, see it after the jump.

See the family photo

Out and About

Murrow is a small guy living in a small house, but if he spent all day cooped up in it, we’re pretty sure he’d be insane before hitting kindergarten. Thankfully Jazzy buzzes him around town going to different spots like the zoo, aquarium, science center, parks, the bakery, community centers, bookstores, library … basically anyplace that will tolerate a running and screaming kiddo like Murrow.

Snow Bunny

Honestly, if I had thought of the title to this blog post when there was still snow outside, Murrow would have been tromping around in his ever-useful bunny costume. However, you’ll have to make due with Murrow in his warm weather duds tromping through his first snow (this is a technicality, since he first played with snow in Colorado over Thanksgiving, but this is the first time he saw this stuff come from the sky).