March, 2008

Easter Egg Hunter

Kim and I love any holiday that involves chocolate, so to spread the joy of the holiday with Murrow, we went down to the zoo for their easter egg hunt. They had a seperate caged-in area for toddlers to go wild picking up eggs…with about 3 eggs per square foot, so chances were good that Murrow could find a couple. Yes, we know that Murrow is deathly allergic to eggs. However, he calls them “footballs” so we’re pretty sure it is ok.

Videos for Murrow

This post is actually more for Murrow than for anyone else. Whenever he is downstairs near the computers, he’ll point to one of them and go “Turtles” or “Choo Choo”…which is our cue to pull up some online videos for him. I’ve gotten tired of trying to type in the appropriate search keywords, so here’s a sampling for him to watch.

On to the videos