A Rash of Rashes

I've suspected for a while that Murrow's developed a dairy allergy, despite (or maybe because of) his being primarily fed milk-based formula the first few weeks of his life. Last week I tested this theory with some yogurt… hive city. Today I took him to the allergist, and we can now confirm it… Mo's allergic to milk.

But that's not all, folks. Of the 21 things Murrow was tested for today, only FIVE came back with no reaction. The caution list includes dairy, eggs, nuts of many varieties (pecans seem to be fine), peas, bananas, wheat and soy (only mildly), cats (this should be interesting)…

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  1. Alison wrote:

    wow!! i had my allergies tested back in childhood and i tested positive for tons of things too. the real trick is finding out what the REAL allergy issues are and what’s just sensitivity. so what CAN he eat?