A Tale of Two Babies

It was the best of flights, it was the worst of flights.

With all of our worrying, the flight to Denver for Thanksgiving went off beautifully.  We arrived at the airport extra early, to find the world’s shortest lines.  Even after putting 10 trays worth of gear through the x-ray machine, we were a couple of hours early.  Murrow spent this time flirting with other travelers and generally having a blast.  Once on the plane, he went to sleep for the entire first half of the trip.  When the plane was set to land, all he needed was the prepared bottle to get him to calm down.  Beautiful, pleasant, happy, baby.

The trip back to Seattle was a nightmare.  Almost as soon as we got on the plane, Murrow started fussing.  He didn’t want to be in his infant seat, he didn’t want to eat, and he didn’t want to sleep.  He was grumpy most of the flight, with Kim doing everything she could to get him out of his funk.  The descent into Seattle was the worst.  He had a full, upset stomach that he threw up all over himself in the chair.  The pacifier made him gag, and he was using all of his lung power to try and pierce the ears of everyone on the plane.  Devilish, grumpy, screechy baby.

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