Baby Straitjacket

As some of you might know, Kim and I have been looking for a baby-sized straitjacket for awhile now.  Murrow-dini would constantly wiggle out of his swaddling and wake up midway through his sleep.  Thankfully our PEPS facilitator showed us the glories of the double swaddle this week.  For those of you unfamiliar with the double swaddle, it takes two blankets.  The first blankets only job is to tether his arms by going over each arm then under the belly.  The second blanket swaddles him as normal.  This technique is giving us about 3 extra hours of sleep a night…yeah baby.


  1. alison wrote:

    wow. dumb us, we would just get terrible sleep. oh well, you always find out the important info after you don’t need it anymore, huh?

  2. valerie wrote:

    what’s a PEPS facilitator, and how do you get one!

  3. garylove wrote:

    PEPS rocks, but I guess it is just a Seattle thing. http://www.pepsgroup.org/

    It is basically just a parent group that gets together each week, to talk about the highs and lows and talk about parenting junk. It is just cool to be in the same room as a bunch of people going through the same thing as you.