Baby vs. Hard Drive

Murrow is endangering my hard drive space.  We sat him up on his Eeyore chair and I was trying to take a picture to put into the frame Kim got me for Father’s Day.  I took about 20 pictures with the intention of just keeping one or two of the best ones….but at the end of the day I kept all of them.  Freak.


  1. alison wrote:

    but he’s so cute!!!! thanks for posting more pictures. how are all of you doing? mo looks happy so i assume he’s doing well.

  2. valerie wrote:

    I definitely see Kim in him, but in the picture “coy”, I think he looks a lot like Gary! Very cute, thanks for the update.


  3. Tiffany (T-Square) wrote:

    You have to keep the pics cause he is just so danged cute!