Bed Bound

Good news, bad news.

Good News: We’re back home, Murrow is still a little fish baby, and Kim’s blood pressure is back at a reasonable level.

Bad News: Kim in on strict bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy, no work, no play …┬ájust sitting, laying down, and chilling.


  1. valerie wrote:

    From one pregnant girl to another, I kinda gotta say I am a little jealous. With finals looming next week and being completely exhausted, I wish I could be on bed rest with you. It prolly isn’t the vacation it sounds like. I am glad you are both doing ok though and they aren’t inducing you now. Love to you all, Evan kicks hello!


  2. Jeff wrote:

    Bedrest sucks. Alison was on 2-3 weeks bedrest with Nathan and she hated it. You get bored pretty fast.

  3. alison wrote:

    yeah!! AND jeff harped on me everytime i ventured out to pee or check email!! no wonder i turned to betty crocker to keep my spirits up. of course that DID mean that jeff did all the cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc!!

  4. garylove wrote:

    Yup, I’m doing all of the above…plus yelling at Kim every time she moves. Right now she’s been reduced to begging to get the mail.