Ah Bah Bah Bah Bah

Murrow and Momma have a new game.  Baby boy lets out a long ahhhhhh and Momma bounces her hand over his mouth, creating the funniest sounds I've heard in awhile.


Catty Pillar

Catty Pillar is one of Murrow’s little grabby toys which has been spending alot of time in his mouth.  He’s a happy content baby with it in his mouth and the saddest baby ever born when it isn’t.

The first audio snippet is Murrow losing the toy, the send one is him getting it back.



Sounds of Laughter

Kim and I have always wanted to record the sounds that Murrow makes, but he used to be so selective with his laughing and talking that it was hard to record.  Kim has now got it down to a science.

[audio:laugh-mmm.mp3] [audio:laugh-muhmuh.mp3] [audio:laugh-kissingmonster.mp3] [audio:laugh-woowoo.mp3]