Soy-based Vocabulary

soy milk: |’soi| noun; a drink made from tofu (well not really, but close enough).

sewing maching: |’soi mə-ˈshēn| noun; a machine made from tofu.

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

Just a random (that’s for you, Uncle Two Belts) smattering of things we’ve been into lately.

The brown bear hoodie – Cute, cute, cute. Whoever thought up the toddler hoodie is a kid-fashion genius.

Cell phones – Poppa keeps his phone in his shirt pocket. Murrow knows this. Murrow digs it out, plays with it, and replaces it in the pocket.

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Neglecting Our Duties

We’ve been woefully negligent in our primary duties as parents…providing grandparents and friends cute pictures of our little toodler (yes, that is the correct spelling…pronounced two-dler).

Blanket Glossary

Blanky (alt. pronunciations include Banky and Keh) – This is the large green afghan that Kim made Murrow (thanks for the yarn Ali), that he sleeps with. It’s his favorite blanky, which he’ll try to snag from the crib through the slats.

Panky – This is the light purple afghan that Oma made him, that Kim and I are still impressed with the skill level for. It freaks us out, because this is the blanket he likes to carry around with him and we’re deathly afraid of losing it.

Hanky – Kim is making a miniature version of Blanky for Murrow to take out of the house.


Well, Murrow is sick again. I’m guessing he caught it from the ultra-friendly kid at the playground, who asked if Murrow would like to play, then made Murrow giggle when he kept on lunging at our baby boy going “Boo!”.

Poor guy has a fever and isn’t in the mood to do much of anything, so we spent the evening just curling up with Panky (Oma’s too precious purple blanket) and looking as pathetic as possible. Not pictured is when Murrow just decided to curl up with his purple block under his head, as if it was a pillow.

Everyone cross your fingers that he doesn’t get another ear infection.

Baby Boy in the Big Boy Bath

Murrow has officially outgrown his infant tub and has graduated to the real thing…the big boy bath. He’s free to explore the new frontier, pulling the bath plug, chewing on the faucet, and reaching for the hot and cold water handles.

Thought Bubbles

Kim and Murrow are both sick.  It is Murrow's first cold, and they got sick on the same day and they're going through the exact same symptoms.

What's silly is that Murrow's nose bubbles (cute & gross) have reminded both of us that we used to call him Bubble Mouth … but neither of us can remember the exact context for that name?  Did he make one big bubble with his mouth, or lots of tiny ones?

Limp Noodle

We’ve been using this term to describe Murrow’s structural integrity upon waking up. He just kind of flops all over the place. Not exactly the best time to get him to crawl.

Meester Fuzzyhead

Murrow’s nickname of the moment is Meester (pronounced me-stir) Fuzzyhead, for obvious reasons.  He was born with a full head of hair, then it all fell out, and it is slowly being replaced with the softest, cutest, most uncontrollable hair imaginable.  He’s like a really drooly q-tip nowadays.

Uncle Two Belts

Uncle Two Belts

As you can see in the photo, Uncle Two Belts and Murrow got along great while he was in town.  UTB was in town working on his reflexes and parenting skills.  He still has a bit of work to do on his snap-second baby catching skills.