Oma, Opa, Uroma, and Uropa

Awhile back Kim and I decided that we’d go by Momma and Poppa for Murrow … but what would Murrow call my parents?  My mom decided they’ll be his Oma and Opa.  It is the German/Dutch name for a grandmother and grandfather, and even though we’re not either of those enthnicities, we’re game.  I’m not sure about the great grandmother and grandfather versions though, Uroma and Uropa sound like moons of Jupiter or something.

True Friends Fit in Your Mouth

Murrow judges his toys by how well they fit in his mouth.  Using this scale here are 3 of his favorite friends.

  • Crab Cycle – An orange crab bath toy.
  • Psnake -A purple snake leftover from his halloween costume (still amusing us). 
  • B. Scotty – A plush doggie, given to Murrow by PLee.

Catty Pillar

Catty Pillar is one of Murrow’s little grabby toys which has been spending alot of time in his mouth.  He’s a happy content baby with it in his mouth and the saddest baby ever born when it isn’t.

The first audio snippet is Murrow losing the toy, the send one is him getting it back.



Glossary: Buttered Popcorn

Kim and I will be starting Murrow on some solid food in the next week or so, so the days of 100% breastmilk poops will soon be over.  The weirdest thing is that Murrow’s poops smell like buttered popcorn…mostly the microwave type.  It is so uncanny that when we went through the popcorn aisle at the grocery store awhile back, I would swear that his diaper was full.

BBBFF (Baby Boy Best Friends Forever)

Everyone knows the camera adds 10 pounds, which can be pretty dramatic when you’re only 20-some inches long.   You’ll just have to believe me that Murrow and his friend Liam are waif-ish, gymnasts-to-be.


Murrow is his own menagerie. I call him my little BabyBeetleMonkeyBird, and he seems to like it, if only because he really seems to respond to the “B” sound. He’s a Beetle because when he’s on his back, he flails his arms and legs like a bug on its back. When he’s standing up (with help, of course) he reminds me of a Monkey with his big ears, and I just LOVE little monkeys. And he’s a little Bird when he flaps his little maw at me.

I also sing this to him in the tune of the William Tell Overture (you know, the Lone Ranger song). It’s just “BabyBeetleMonkeyBird” over and over and over again. Today I was singing and bouncing this to him at the checkout counter at the grocery store. Apparently poppa gets a little embarrassed by this. I can nurse Baby in public, and that doesn’t faze him. But sing a little song, and he turns a little red. Whatever, poppa.

Everyone ia

When I was a little girl, someone showed me how when you look at the big lines in your left and right palms, they spell ,respectively, “ai ia.” In Vietnamese, once you add the appropriate wavy marks over certain letters, this means “who poops?” This is a popular conversation starter with Murrow. The answer is, of course, that everyone poops. What else is the boy learning in Vietnamese? He knows “de thuong” (pronounced zay tung) means, literally, easy to love.

Glossary: Raptor Baby

While Kim was hooked up to a bunch of machines the day after the delivery, we watched Jurassic Park to fill the time.  Early on in the movie, they’re watching a dinosaur hatching out of an egg in the labratory and one of the main characters gasps “You’ve Bred Raptors!”  From then on, every time Murrow does his waking up cries, we call him our little raptor baby.

Glossary: Yellow Baby

Yal might notice that Kim and I make frequent use of the term “yellow baby”.  Basically, it’s a derogatory term for a mixed asian/white baby that we learned when watching Dragon – The Bruce Lee story.

“You can do better than that.  …  Do you really want to have yellow babies?  Can you imagine that?  Yellow babies?

Yes. Yes, we do want yellow babies