We’re Calling It… 7/09/07

Just like we weren’t sure when we could say for sure that Murrow was crawling, we were a little hesitant to call what he’s been doing this last week “walking”. Until today, that is. It’s not the most graceful thing to watch, and there are certainly areas in which he could improve, but Murrow’s definitely walking now. We took him to the playground at University Village after dinner, and he just went to town. I’d been ready to call it walking after his performances during the day today, but Poppa took some convincing. After seeing Murrow keep his balance and keep trucking forward amidst the whirlwind of daredevil kids, Poppa was finally willing to concede.

Milestones Minus the Images

Murrow’s been a milestone monkey this past week…unfortunately we don’t have any pictures to provide it. You’ll just have to trust us:

  1. Today at his second 5th of July party he took his first steps. Poppa missed the first one, but was there when he took 4 (mostly to pivot).
  2. His 7th tooth has popped up (way in the back of his top set).
  3. He moved from his little baby car seat, to his big boy cow patterned seat.

I promise we’ll be better about the photos soon.

Standing Tall (for 5 seconds)

[flashvideo width=”320″ height=”240″ filename=”/video/5secondstand.flv” returnpage=”http://www.murrowlove.com” /]


Murrow has definitely started connecting sounds with objects. Unfortunately, he’s still got alot of work ahead of him, before he can be a good speacher like his Poppa. We’ve already written about his use of “Kih” to mean “Kitty”, but he also uses “Keh” for “Blanky”. He’ll repeat the Pah sound, which I take to mean “Poppa”, but he’ll also just babble on saying Papapapapapapap. Lastly, today he said “Ukini” to mean Zuchini…but he only said it once. We’ve got to come up with an official “first word”, what do you think counts? Vote after the jump.

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Baby Boy in the Big Boy Bath

Murrow has officially outgrown his infant tub and has graduated to the real thing…the big boy bath. He’s free to explore the new frontier, pulling the bath plug, chewing on the faucet, and reaching for the hot and cold water handles.

They Say It’s Your Birthday

Just think, it was only a year ago that they wheeled me into the operating room and cut the little bugger out of me. Back then he couldn’t walk on his own, eat on his own, talk on his own… OK, so maybe he hasn’t changed all that much since then.

Murrow woke up today to find that Birthday Santa had left him his very first Radio Flyer, a walker wagon. Super cute. Liam gave him his very own Safari wagon that Murrow likes to chase around. It comes with an action-grip giraffe that makes a really odd sound. Trust me, it’s pretty cool.

Standing Tall … For 2 Seconds

Murrow loves to crawl so much that it has been hard to get him thinking about standing on his own or walking. But Valerie had the bright idea of using Murrow’s fear of grass to get him to stand…which works suprisingly well. His hatred of putting his hands on the grass keeps him upright and balancing, long enough for an over-eager Poppa to snap a few (meaning 45) shots.

His First Word – Kinda

Murrow has a new game, he gets a bit of food (preferably goldfish cracker crumbs) then puts his lips together and blows … covering Momma and Poppa with a gooey spray. The funny thing is that he seems to understand the word for “spit” now, blowing whatever he has in his mouth at us whenever we say it.

Why couldn’t he understand, “eat”, “go back to sleep”, or “get Momma her special juice”?

Even More Teeths!

Those two teeth that were coming in on top turned out to be four crookedly growing, awkwardly spaced teeth. Ouch (I’m talking about me, here). And the grinding… I’ve been calling him my little Geiger counter.

Going Fishing

Murrow's reached a milestone recently.  He's now tall enough to reach his fish mobile when he stands on his changing table.  He's been reaching for it ever since he could lift his arm.