Skeeball wizard

For his third birthday kiddo wanted to go to the arcade, showing off his mad skeeball skills.

High Score: 20

High Score: 20

Biggest smile in the group

Happy birthday to momma

Little Man Eating Raspberries by the Window

Four Eyes

Momma got new glasses this week, so Murrow gets the hand me downs.


Our little stereotype


Easter Egg Hunter

Kim and I love any holiday that involves chocolate, so to spread the joy of the holiday with Murrow, we went down to the zoo for their easter egg hunt. They had a seperate caged-in area for toddlers to go wild picking up eggs…with about 3 eggs per square foot, so chances were good that Murrow could find a couple. Yes, we know that Murrow is deathly allergic to eggs. However, he calls them “footballs” so we’re pretty sure it is ok.

Turtle Is the New Doggie

Murrow used to go around calling everything Doggie. But we have a few books now that have turtles tuttling away in the background, and now that’s his favorite animal. And it’s just about the cutest word he says. Lucky for him, Jazzy made a trip to the zoo with the kids so he could see one up close and personal (through a wall of glass, of course).

Democracy in Action

With a vote that actually mattered and a candidate we can be excited about, the family went a’caucusing this afternoon. Murrow wasn’t necessarily interested in the finer points of Hillary’s vs. Obama’s health care plans (although he should, the allergic little monster) but he loved flirting with the captive audience.


In Murrow’s never-ending quest to become a big boy, he’s eschewing sippy cups, instead asking to drink out of a regular cup. This of course makes us happy and insane at the same time, since he usually gets several really good gulps in before getting over-confident and dumping the rest of the water down his shirt.

Anyone know where to get some decent melamine cups that aren’t part of some silly marked up play sets?