Murrow has definitely started connecting sounds with objects. Unfortunately, he’s still got alot of work ahead of him, before he can be a good speacher like his Poppa. We’ve already written about his use of “Kih” to mean “Kitty”, but he also uses “Keh” for “Blanky”. He’ll repeat the Pah sound, which I take to mean “Poppa”, but he’ll also just babble on saying Papapapapapapap. Lastly, today he said “Ukini” to mean Zuchini…but he only said it once. We’ve got to come up with an official “first word”, what do you think counts? Vote after the jump.

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Crawling is the New Teeth

So, each day it seems like Murrow is getting a little bit closer to crawling, so Kim and I are taking turns trying to guess when he’s going to finally do it.  He’s already moving from a sitting position to standing on his arms and legs.  He can walk forward and backward on his hands if we pick him up in a wheelbarrow position.  He can push forward using his legs if we keep our hands behind his feet.  The only thing he hasn’t done is actually crawl.

Any guesses on what day it’ll happen?  Vote after the jump.

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Is it a Tooth?

Two months ago, we were convinced that Murrow was teething.  He started drooling, chewing on fingers, and crying.  But by now we’re jaded and convinced that he will grow up toothless, gumming his mashed bananas.

Today, Kim thinks she sees a little tooth bud trying to poke its way through Murrow’s gums.  I won’t be convinced until I see him chew his way through a t-bone steak.  Who do you side with?  Vote after the jump.

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5 Diapers and 20 Minutes Later

On Friday Kim told me a great story, but she didn’t think anyone would want to hear about it on this site.  I disagree.  Read below, then vote on the the next page.

Murrow waits forever between poops, often 3-7 days.  On Friday, he graced Kim with a big one, and as normal she changed him.  It was so big she had to use another diaper to contain the overflow before throwing it away.  After putting the second diaper on, she checked him and he had pooped again.  So she changed him again.  After putting the third diaper on (plus pants, socks, and shirt of course) she checked and he had pooped again.  So she changed him again.  After putting on the fourth diaper, she checked and he had pooped again.  5 diapers and 20 minutes later our story ends.

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