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Backyard Fun

Tower of Power – Duplo Style

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Happy Birthday Choo Choo

Videos for Murrow

This post is actually more for Murrow than for anyone else. Whenever he is downstairs near the computers, he’ll point to one of them and go “Turtles” or “Choo Choo”…which is our cue to pull up some online videos for him. I’ve gotten tired of trying to type in the appropriate search keywords, so here’s a sampling for him to watch.

On to the videos

Turtle Turtle Turtle

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Fill’er Up

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Christmas Spectacular

And how! The gifting extravaganza started early with Jasmine bringing what seemed like a carload of presents for Murrow (a couple for us, too). The crazy Curious George train remains one of Mo’s favorites, and loudest as well.

Christmas Eve night, we each opened one one gift (as is tradition in our house), and Murrow found a very, ahem, energetic key toy from Uncle Jeff and Aunt Alison.

Christmas morning, the rest of the gift tonnage descended, so much so that we had to break up the work into two shifts. Uncle Two Belts and Aunt Diane helped out with the early shift, the one in which Murrow re-enacted that scene from the Christmas Story. You know, the one with the bunny suit.

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Batter Up

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Two Wrongs Make a Right

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