Crouching Baby, Hidden Dragon

Whenever a toy is just out of Murrow’s reach, he’s always used his trusty method of falling on his stomach, rolling over onto his back, then crying for us to bring him the toy.  He’s added a new twist to this ritual, where he can now hold himself up using his arms for a few seconds, before he falls onto his stomach, then rolls over onto his back crying for us to bring him the toy.

Seriously, Murrow has become alot more physical in the past couple of days.  He’s now crouching and pulling himself up using small ledges.  Now that he has his two front teeth, is crawling next?

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  1. Alison wrote:

    yes!!! kids often hit a lot of milestones at the same time. you’ll get a growth spurt, teething, and a physical milestone (like crawling) all at once. sad b/c it doesn’t give you time to really enjoy the little changes, but they become so happy so quickly!