Double the Grandparents

Murrow had a big surprise this weekend when his grandma and grandpa dropped by…before then, he just figured that he had one momma, one poppa, one grandma and one grandpa. We’re sure he appreciates the appeal of having multiple grandparents to indulge him…every kid only needs one mean momma and poppa, but the more grandparents the better.

Grandma proved that taking lots of pictures is a universal trait and since we didn’t have our camera at the time, but I hope they’re checking the blog and send Kim a couple snapshots of us trying to keep Murrow still enough to pose for a picture. Update: Kim’s family sent one of the group shots, see it after the jump.



  1. alison wrote:

    wow! that’s great.

  2. garylove wrote:

    I feel so bad that you guys didn’t have your camera that night… I’m sorry