Early Christmas Present

According to Uncle Two Belts, this is either abuse, or the most awesome thing ever.  You be the judge. 

All we know is its the best $7.50 we've ever spent. 


  1. Alison wrote:

    you know he’s going to hate you someday for that. 🙂
    but the mom in me thinks he’s absolutely adorable!

  2. Kim wrote:

    I figure we have another year of dressing him like this before any hatred is justified.

  3. garylove wrote:

    Whatcha talking about another year? I’m planning on getting him a bunny suit for his college graduation.

  4. valerie wrote:

    My sister in law got us one of those peapod costumes for christmas. Unfortunately, it did not have legs and it made the crawly baby very angry. We were all quite perplexed about that gift…We’re saving it to give to her when her kid is 7 months old >:)