Everyone ia

When I was a little girl, someone showed me how when you look at the big lines in your left and right palms, they spell ,respectively, “ai ia.” In Vietnamese, once you add the appropriate wavy marks over certain letters, this means “who poops?” This is a popular conversation starter with Murrow. The answer is, of course, that everyone poops. What else is the boy learning in Vietnamese? He knows “de thuong” (pronounced zay tung) means, literally, easy to love.


  1. valerie wrote:

    aww gun guy dap! I don’t know how to spell that in vietnamese, but maybe you know what I mean with the phonetic spelling. Nhan’s family always said, gun guy dap, dunga cop (“little boy, don’t cry”, I think). I should start singing yo yo thigh to Evan 🙂 Kim, your postings are fun!

  2. alison wrote:

    So is Murrow going to be bilingual? That would be cool! I’m lucky if I can get a little sign language into my kids. You know, “milk”, “drink”, “bunny” (that’s a hard one).

  3. Kim wrote:

    Murrow will only be as bilingual as Mommy is, which is to say, not very. Just a few scattered phrases, and even then, I have to check a dictionary to make sure of the meaning of a word.