Fine Motor Skills at Work

The past few days, Murrow’s gotten very good at picking up those little sweet potato star puffs and actually getting them into his mouth. Last week, when we first started giving them a try, they mostly just stuck to his palm and got thrown to the floor. Now, he loves them. Yesterday, I got him some of Barbara’s Os (no wheat + fruit juice sweetened = better than Cheerio’s). They require a little bit more chewing than the puffs, but little Mo’s up to the task.


  1. Alison wrote:

    cheerios aren’t wheat, they’re oat. is murrow allergic to gluten?

  2. Kim wrote:

    Cheerios actually do have some wheat in them. And everyone’s been saying to keep the baby off the wheat for the first year or so to minimize the risk of allergy.

  3. ANdrew M wrote:

    Your three framed photo illustration of that is fantastic!