First Doctor’s Visit

Today Murrow and Kim both had their first doctor’s visits since leaving the hospital.

Murrow passed all of his tests with flying colors.  He’s grown a half inch and gained 5 ounces in weight.  They thought he might be a little bit jaundiced, but it turned out he’s just our little yellow baby.  He also received the unkind cut, but he doesn’t like to think about that.

Kim also passed her tests.  She also found out that her doctor had written a perscription for painkillers to take home, but the nurses never mentioned it.  She’s been making due with 3 ibuprofens when she should have been taking 2 Percocet.

One Comment

  1. alison wrote:

    no wonder she’s been having a tough time!!! fyi, the percocet will make murrow a little drowsy too, but it’s not a permanent thing, and its not as if he’s doing much more than sleeping anyways.

    sweet pictures of him!! cute one of you and him taking a nap.