Is it a Tooth?

Two months ago, we were convinced that Murrow was teething.  He started drooling, chewing on fingers, and crying.  But by now we’re jaded and convinced that he will grow up toothless, gumming his mashed bananas.

Today, Kim thinks she sees a little tooth bud trying to poke its way through Murrow’s gums.  I won’t be convinced until I see him chew his way through a t-bone steak.  Who do you side with?  Vote after the jump.



  1. alison wrote:

    LOL, i remember agonizing over nathan’s first tooth. it seemed to take forever. sometimes it looks like a little blood blister first. yeah, i completely missed ryan’s teeth coming in. it was one of those “duh, that’s why you’ve been so cranky!” hope your flight back was uneventful. be happy you left, we’re getting snow right now and the high tomorrow is 18.

  2. Kim wrote:

    Actually, we came back to what essentially was an ice storm. Did anyone catch Monday Night Football? We didn’t. We were sitting in gridlock because nobody here can drive in the snow.