Killer Blades of Grass

The other day, the three of us were hanging out at Liam’s house and decided to join him on the lawn. Big mistake. Murrow was TERRIFIED of it. Something about the grass on his bare feet and hands just made him screech and cling to us for dear life, all the while eyeing it with great suspicion. We’ve subsequently tried to reintroduce Murrow to this scary environment, and every time he seems to take to it a little bit more. But he still has his doubts, and refuses to move very far from us.


  1. Alison wrote:

    you never know when the grass will attack! 😉

  2. valerie wrote:

    Evan is the same, we think it might inspire him to walk, just so his chubby little knees don’t have to touch it. Today he sat in sweat pants on the lawn and ate a stick though; that’s what I call improvement.