Kim “Couch Potato” Love

Yup, she’s still on bed rest.  Her blood pressure is doing great, Murrow is doing great, but she’s definitely hit the “get this thing out of me” stage of the pregnancy.  It doesn’t help that the seasons suddenly changed this week, so it feels like we’re at the height of summer.  No air conditioning, plus a bowling ball stuck inside her stomach, does not make for a happy Kim…new Kakuro puzzles (thanks B, A, and V) make life a bit easier.  By the way, she rips through those things on an average of 35 puzzles a day…freak.

One Comment

  1. alison wrote:

    gary! you can’t call her a freak!! and i completely sympathize w/the no a/c thing. jeff kept saying: its not that hot! thru the last 3 pregnant summers until this summer we’re finally getting it. of course he got to go to an air conditioned office!!! keep her happy, your child-free days are numbered.