Let’s Go to the Movies

One of the theaters downtown has a special baby-friendly screening every Tuesday morning. We went last week and again today. Murrow spent the time eating and napping. Like papa, like son.


  1. garylove wrote:

    Mamma easily forgets pooping. Even though he only poops once a day, he likes to save it for movietime. That’s when it is helpful to have a theater full of mommies who completely understand.

  2. Daddy wrote:

    Do you remember when we used to take you guys to the drive in. Of course you were both poddy trained at that time.

  3. garylove wrote:

    I love the drive in. Too bad they’re a rare commodity nowadays.

  4. Jasmine wrote:

    What a cool web page!! I would like to start one like this for Maiya. I haven’t found time to keep a journal but these will be precious moments to look back on = )